Roots are a common problem with many homes and business where trees are close by. While trees offer many benefits and what's best for the environment there is no denying they tend to be a nuisance at times from the leaves in your gutters to the roots in your pipes. This is another home where roots are slowly invading, creating a drainage delay that unchecked would eventually lead to total clog as more debris catches and the roots continue to grow. Being informed is simply one step, but it's the first one. Roots are just one of many potential issues business and home owners may encounter, knowledge is power!

Sewer Inspections- Digging Deeper

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Who Does Sewer Inspections? Often plumbers and occasionally inspectors such as ourselves with a property inspection or all on its own. We offer the convenience of having one less person to schedule during your short and often busy inspection period, and also as an third party for another look. We're there to deliverer information with no intention of selling you additional or possibly unnecessary services.

What's the Point?

Sewer Camera Inspections are a valuable tool for the average or not so average home owner, or commercial property owner. A true look at the inner workings similar to getting a scope of your own body, it may not provide all the answers at one time. Buildings are complex systems combining multiple independent but also complex systems to improve our life. Dark? Turn on a light. Thirsty? Water on tap. Cold? Turn up the heat. Don't Wait til one of your faithful systems begins to fail before you investigate further. If something is currently not working well its a perfect time to dig deeper for a diagnosis before its stops working. Moving soon? Maybe you're thinking its the buyers problem, remember that buyers have the same access to these investigative tools as you do and their findings may impact the value of your property. As a buyer its your right to get the home a full checkup, check in with the "home doctors".

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From Slow Flow to No Flow you need to know!

      It's important to know what you're responsible for; Home Inspections are a limited non-invasive evaluation of the condition of a home. Even Commercial property inspections are limited. Getting a sewer inspection is just one more was to "dig deeper" and reveal some potentially costly problems before making a large investment. And rather than go on the blind word of just any repair person getting a sewer camera inspections means an honest visual of your problem and its severity before paying the big money.

      As pictured on your left the sewer pipes below the home as far as the front public sidewalk or street more often than not are the responsibility of the homeowner. Its often in this space that the main issues arise and these pipes are often rarely evaluated and even less often replaced(Clay pipes are only intended to last 50-60 years and was the "go to" piping prior to 1980).

Buying a home?

Check out SewerGard one of the many great warranties we offer with every full home inspection. When you add a sewer scope you double your warranty coverage.


Covers issues that may occur with your sewer/septic line or the water supply line after the full home inspection. SewerGard is valid for 90 days from the date of the inspection or 22 days from closing, whichever comes later. If there was a sewer scope performed with the real estate transaction, then the warranty is good for 6 months from the inspection date. SewerGard covers your water line and sewer line against failure due to normal wear and tear, giving you peace of mind! To make a claim the home buyer would get a repair estimate from a licensed contractor that has the cause of failure stated as well as parts and labor broken down and submit the claim online at See policy for full details.

Oakland County Home Inspections

The video above is a recent sewer inspection preformed by Oakland County Home Inspections(OCHI). With each sewer inspection you can expect a quick look around of the basement at the beginning to identify the home. As you will see the pipes start out clear but further along we see roots invading the pipes a little here and there before taking up >50% of the piping. Without awareness and treatment this could later become an unexpected blockage followed by sewage backup potentially causing anywhere from minor to major damage to personal items and your home or property.

When Do I Need one? And What is It?!

        When you're serious about buying a home or property it can't hurt to be knowledgable about the not so visible conditions and really get to the underlying issues. If you already own the property or home its often a slow moving or clogged drain. A newly built home doesn't always mean new piping beneath, sometimes when homes are demolished the sewer pipelines are in great shape and left for the new home but 10 years later those pipes aren't quite so young but the since the house is only 10 often times people forget or don't know about the piping below.

        Sewer Inspections provide information to (potential/current)homeowners regarding the condition of their pipes,  looking for broken, cracked, clogged or even collapsed piping. Anything that could causing current or future problems down the road.