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In Michigan There Are ZERO Requirements To Be A Home Inspector! You don't have to register with the state of Michigan or have insurance. What does this mean for you? It means with no regulations your family doctor, car mechanic or even your own child can be a home inspector! They can do this without any prior knowledge about the structure or inner workings of what make a house a home such as the plumbing, electrical, HVAC systems and checking for things such as lead and asbestos! 

Don't let this knowledge scare you, at Oakland County Home Inspections we have certifications and years of experience in construction to put your mind at ease!

The last thing a customer who just bought a home wants to discover shortly after buying their home; outlets that don't work, clogged pipes, a leaky roof or cracked foundation, overlooked by an unqualified inspector. Jobs like these can range in cost from less than a hundred to a few thousand depending on severity. We understand that buying a home is costly and while home owners anticipate a few issues, many get more than they bargained for. 

      A home inspector is not there to make the decision regarding wether or not you should buy a home or to determine the value of the home. An inspector's job to make you aware of the state of the home you are considering buying, to assist you in being more informed before making your decision. While home inspections seem negative most often its because its viewed as the inspector telling you only the things wrong with the home, but a good inspection also tells you the positive qualities of the home. Home inspections are intended to keep buyers informed and sellers honest, but can also inform sellers of potential concerns to make repairs before beginning the process of listing ensuring they make the most of their investment.

Ask us about our Licensing and Certifications! 

What Makes Us Qualified To Be Your Home Inspector? Our home inspectors are certified by InterNACHI, inspectors have a total of 86 training hours they receive through the the program thought they take a series of exams and quizzes. InterNACHI inspectors are also required to take 24 hours of continuing education per year to maintain their certification status. We are also licensed builders who continue to regularly work in the construction industry. Licensed builders are required to take a 60 hour training course and pass a mandatory two-part State exam, that is always being changed and updated. Licensed builders are also required to take continuing competency courses before renewing their license every three years to ensure we stay up to date on new technology, codes and minimum standards of building.

Certified Roof Inspector

Did You Know?

Fire Extinguisher Inspector
Certified Deck Inspector

"Home inspections are intended to keep buyers informed and sellers honest,"

InterNACHI will pay up to $10,000 (USD; maximum collective aggregate) for the cost of replacement of personal property lost (and not recovered, restituted or insured) during an inspection and stolen by an InterNACHI-certified member who was convicted of or pleaded guilty (or no contest) to any criminal charge resulting from the member's taking of the client's personal property.  Claimant agrees that the exclusive venue for any action against InterNACHI arising out of this Honor Guarantee is the District Court in Boulder County, Colorado.  InterNACHI's Honor Guarantee is valid in all of the U.S. and Canada.

Oakland County Home Inspections

Oakland County Home Inspections